British Beauty Council

At PRFKT®, we’re not just passionate about providing innovative aesthetics solutions – we’re deeply invested in the future of the beauty industry. That’s why we’re proud to be a Patron of the British Beauty Council (BBCo).

The British Beauty Council | Setting the Standards

The BBCo is the leading industry organisation dedicated to promoting and shaping the future of beauty in the UK. Through their work, they establish high standards for safety, professionalism, and ethics within the industry.

Embracing the BBC Pillars

As a Patron, we actively embrace the BBC’s core pillars and translate them into tangible actions:

Policy & Influence. We believe in shaping the future of the industry through responsible practices we are regularly:

  • Advocating for effective regulations and high safety standards.
  • Collaborating with policymakers to ensure positive change within the beauty sector.
  • Supporting initiatives that promote ethical practices and consumer well-being.

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) | We prioritise responsible practices throughout our operations, considering not just the environment but also social and governance factors. This commitment is reflected in our:

  • Focus on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes.
  • Minimising our environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices.
  • Upholding strong ethical standards in our business dealings.
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace environment.
Growth & Talent

We invest in the development of our team and the wider beauty industry. This translates to our:

  • Commitment to ongoing education and training for our employees.
  • Supporting initiatives that develop and elevate industry expertise.
  • Creating a dynamic and rewarding work environment that attracts top talent.

By actively aligning ourselves with these pillars, we demonstrate our dedication to a thriving and responsible beauty sector.

Beyond Patronage | Actively Engaged

Our commitment to the BBC goes beyond mere membership. We actively participate in industry events and ‘Think Tanks’, contributing our expertise and collaborating with other leading figures in the beauty space.

Furthermore, we proudly align ourselves with the UK’s roadmap for the beauty industry, ensuring our practices and goals contribute to a thriving and responsible beauty sector.

Why Does This Matter to You?

By choosing PRFKT®, you’re not just choosing a brand – you’re choosing a company dedicated to the highest industry standards. You’re supporting an organisation that champions safety, innovation, and responsible practices.

Together with the BBCo, we’re committed to shaping a brighter future for the beauty industry – a future that prioritises professionalism, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Join us on this journey!

Explore our range of high-quality aesthetics products and services, knowing that you’re not only investing in your own beauty but also in the future of the industry we all love.