At PRFKT®, we’re passionate about creating exceptional aesthetics solutions, and we’re thrilled to have our dedication recognized by some of the beauty industry’s most prestigious awards. Here’s a glimpse of the accolades we’ve achieved:

National Recognition

The ASOS Beauty Awards

We were shortlisted for the “Face + Body Innovator 2020” award with our innovative The Perfect Body Lotion! This recognition from a leading online beauty retailer highlights our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering cutting-edge products.

The Aesthetics Awards

A finalist for “Best New Facial Skincare Treatment” in 2015, The Perfect Peel® stood out amongst top contenders in the aesthetics industry. This nomination is a testament to the effectiveness and transformative results our products deliver.

The British Beauty Awards

Competing against established brands, we were shortlisted for various categories over the years. This recognition from the UK’s leading beauty awards organisation underscores the quality and innovation embedded in our entire product line.

Beyond National Recognition

Local Business Awards

Receiving recognition from local business award programs is a true honour. It demonstrates our commitment to excellence and contribution to the local community.

Cosmetic Business Awards

Being considered for the Cosmetic Business Awards puts us in company with other industry leaders. This recognition signifies our potential to make a significant impact on the global aesthetics market.

What These Awards Mean to You

These awards and nominations aren’t just a source of pride for PRFKT® – they’re a guarantee of quality for you. Choosing PRFKT® means choosing a brand that’s:

  • Trusted: Recognized by industry experts and consumers alike.
  • Innovative: Constantly pushing boundaries and developing cutting-edge solutions.
  • Effective: Delivering transformative results that you can see and feel.
  • Committed to Excellence: Dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

Explore the Award-Winning Difference

Browse our selection of high-quality aesthetics products and services, knowing you’re choosing a brand at the forefront of the industry. Experience the PRFKT® difference for yourself and join the journey towards achieving your aesthetic goals!

Stay Updated on Our Awards Journey!

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