Treat Dark Armpits With a Chemical Peel

What causes dark armpits?

Dark armpits usually aren’t anything to worry about. Typically skin under the armpit is the same as the rest of the body, but there are some factors which contribute to a darkening of the armpit’s skin.

The skin’s pigmentation is caused by melanocytes, if the number of these increase, then the skin will darken. This happens more often with darker skin tones.

Factors that contribute to dark armpits include:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • hormones
  • medication

Habitual factors can also cause underarm hyperpigmentation, such as the products you use and how/ if you remove underarm hair.

The Perfect Peel to Treat Armpit Hyperpigmentation

The Perfect Peel is packed full of skin lightening ingredients that work to effectively lighten and brighten the skin. In addition, the exfoliating properties help to renew layers of older skin, that can create a darker appearance.

Image credit: Meraki Medical Aesthetics. Results after 1 The Perfect Peel treatment

The Perfect Peel Skincare

In addition to The Perfect Peel Treatment, ask your practitioner about our prescription skin lightening product, which is specially formulated to tackle hyperpigmentation issues.

The Perfect Body Glow Duo

Containing a professional blend of glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin C, glutathione and azelaic acid, The Perfect Body Glow Duo is a skin brightening must have! We’ve paired 2 of our most popular products, The Perfect Body Wash and The Perfect Body Lotion, because clinical skincare isn’t just for your face!

Free Consultation

Many professionals offer a free consultation, if you are unsure The Perfect Peel would be best suited to your skin and needs, speak with a trained professional in The Perfect Peel.

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