Repair + Protect Your Skin Barrier – With Hyaluronic Perfection Serum

The skincare market has changed so much since 2015 when we first launched The Perfect Peel in the UK. Consumers now have access to a wealth of information about ingredients, in-depth skincare routines and a constant stream of new products.

I love anything that helps to demystify skin health, to cut through marketing claims and empower consumers to make an informed decision. However, as a result of the new interest in skincare content I’m starting to see so many patients who are damaging their skin barrier by overdoing their routines.

A huge culprit for this is over-exfoliation, using high-strength acids, or just mis-diagnosing their own skin concerns and using a load of products that is leading to irritation. There is an intense echo chamber of information that is passed through social media, that perpetuates myths about how to use skincare.

I’ve also seen over the past 5 years, a major influx in the global skincare market of unsophisticated, basic formulas, containing a single hero ingredient. Combined with a love of multi-stepped skincare routines and skin is being stripped, stresses and left in dire need of some TLC.

Hyaluronic Perfection Serum- the holy grail of nourishing serums!

So how do you heal, nourish and hydrate over-worked skin? Hyaluronic Acid Perfection serum is a complex blend of humectants, amino acids, skin brighteners, peptides and skin barrier healers, this multifunctional serum visibly plumps, brightens and strengthens all skin types.

Potent humectants (including hyaluronic acid, glycerin and arginine) promote skin hydration, while the powerful combination of other ingredients helps the skin to retain this hydration. The result is a visible improvement to the overall condition, health and appearance of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, acne, rosacea and irritation.

Hyaluronic Perfection Serum delivers long-lasting hydration to plump skin, maintain elasticity, and improve texture while promoting firmness. The non-greasy and non-comedogenic formula conditions, soothes and softens skin, delivering an instant dewy glow upon application.

x8 Humectants

to hydrate, plump and strengthen skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores + textures

x2 Skin Brightening Agents

to even the tone of skin by fading scars, reducing pigmentation issues caused by sun damage and hormones, including dark spots and melasma

x10 Amino Acids

>restores the structure of the skin, locking in moisture , increasing collagen production, promoting skin repair and regeneration

x3 Peptides

promotes skin elasticity, firmness and collagen production>

x8 Ingredients to Improve The Skin Barrier

strengthens and builds the skin’s barrier, to reduce irritation and inflammation

A Blended Approach

The ethos behind The Perfect Peel is that  it’s all about the blend. As experts in blended chemical peels, we understand how to combine potent ingredients at different strengths, to create effective products that provide incredible results, without damaging the essential skin barrier. We take a holistic approach to skincare, as something that incorporates professional chemical peels, with a combination of prescription and non-prescription skincare, depending on the need of the patient