Kelly Saynor, Clinical Lead, Medica Forte Ltd

The Perfect Peel offers measurable results for the range of Fitzpatrick 1-6 skin types when solving hyperpigmentation issues. Medium depth peels are very effective in delivering a vast improvement for most individuals in just one treatment.

Skin hyperpigmentation is a common complaint, takes many forms and is caused by a number of factors- exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, use of photo-sensitising medications or it can be hereditary.

In its most common form, it presents itself as freckles caused by the sun, and may not pose a problem to the individual. At its worst it can be life-altering brown patches of skin on the face (such as melasma) and neck that simply won’t go away without treatment.

90% of those affected by skin pigmentation issues are women, just 10% are men.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

When looking to address skin hyperpigmentation issues, it’s important to determine what’s caused it in the first place, so it’s possible to treat it correctly and to set the right expectations.

It’s crucial to understand that there may be no permanent cure for hyperpigmentation, and it may reoccur due to exposure to the original stimuli that caused it. However a medium-depth chemical peel will help to considerably reduce, temporarily eradicate or completely remove hyperpigmentation, lessening the impact upon everyday life.

Figuring out what has caused your hyperpigmentation also allows a practitioner to us to better manage the level of treatment and further intervention required. The most obvious example of reoccurrence would be further exposure to the sun or in the case of melasma in pregnant women, hormonal changes brought on by further pregnancies.


Practitioners are already realising the benefits that a blended-medium depth peel containing Glutathione can achieve when treating clients with hyperpigmentation. They report that the peeling process happens as indicated and that patients have very little downtime- just one week.

Dr David Jack, Harley Street

“In my own experience, this is one of the most effective peels for hyperpigmentation that I have used so far – it is extremely simple to use and the results I have seen are relatively impressive.”

Dr Esho, The Esho Clinic

“Peels are perfect for alleviating one of the most prevalent skin issues- hyperpigmentation. I’ve found that using The Perfect Peel as part of a long-term process where the clients returns for repeat applications over a period of time whilst keeping sun exposure to a minimum can reduce or completely eliminate pigmentation issues. The results are some of the best I’ve seen compared with other leading peels in the market. In a short time it’s become my top recommended product.”

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Many professionals offer a free consultation, if you are unsure The Perfect Peel would be best suited to your skin and needs, speak with a trained professional in The Perfect Peel.

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