Have you ever heard the phrase “summer bodies are made in winter”?

We strongly believe the same principle applies to our skin.

If you or your clients are aiming to sport a clear, blemish-free and natural looking visage around the pool this August, then now is the time to start laying down some essential ground work. After all, the onslaught of a cold winter can leave skin dry and dehydrated.

In the bleak midwinter

Generally speaking, during the cooler months our complexions can be starved of moisture due to less humidity in the air.

Dry air can literally suck moisture from your skin like a vacuum cleaner. When you throw in extended exposure to harsh central heating (which is also a humidity zapper) then you can be left with flaky, irritated skin which appears parched and lacklustre.

Sudden temperature changes (freezing cold walk from the train station to, hello, a boiling hot centrally-heated office) can also wreak havoc on the face as capillaries are forced to contract and expand rapidly in response to varying levels of heat.

This can lead to unsightly red inflammation and broken ‘spider’ veins, neither of which scream summer-ready skin!

There are a few simple easy-wins when it comes to staving off winter face woes, which, if carried out regularly will stand you in good stead in the run up to the summer months:

  1. Drink LOTS of water – there is no simpler or cheaper way to hydrate the cells in your body (and in your face!) than by guzzling H2O. NHS guidelines advise that in a UK climate, we should be quaffing around 1.2 litres of water per day – that’s roughly around six to eight glasses. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to the winter, it should be your year-round mantra!
  2. Invest in a humidifier (they can cost anything upwards of £35) to keep the air in your home or office moist. Or, if you don’t want to splash too much cash, simply place a few bowls of water near your radiators, which will do the same job, for free.
  3. Beef up your moisturising routine with a combination of serums – which hydrate from the inside out, as they are made from very small molecules and are more readily absorbed – along with a good cream. Creams form a barrier on the skin which help to lock moisture in, but just be careful that it doesn’t also lock important active ingredients out! The magic combination of both should work in harmony to keep your face well hydrated when the mercury drops.
  4. Don’t ignore your lips which are continually exposed to the elements too! Look for lip protection with super-hydrating and healing ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerines, essential oils and shea or cocoa butters.

Hello Peel Season

But… if you really want to step up your summer skin prep or have some major epidermal issues to address, such as acne scarring, melasma and pigmentation, wrinkles and enlarged pores or you simply want to stimulate collagen production for firmer, brighter and more toned skin, then now is the ideal time to opt for your first The Perfect Peel treatment of the year.

Let’s take a look at why…

Less sunlight = less harmful UV rays:

The Perfect Peel’s active ingredients expedite the exfoliation process and remove the top layer of the skin to speed up cell renewal. With brand new layers of skin exposed after treatment it is imperative that your epidermis is not exposed to sunlight…which let’s face it, we don’t see a great deal of in the UK in January and February. This is one of the main reasons that we refer to the winter period as ‘peel season’. It’s dark, it’s gloomy and it’s GREAT for post-treatment faces! If you are venturing outside and exposing your skin to the sun three to five days post a peel, we recommend applying a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every two hours.

Farewell party season:

whilst there is virtually no down time required with The Perfect Peel (light peeling will start from around day three and can be masked with lots of moisturiser) we don’t recommend make up is worn for the first two days after treatment. So, with the social whirl of December safely over for another year, January is the ideal time to hunker down in all of your bare-faced glory whilst The Perfect Peel gets to work. Let’s face it, with Dry January now a firm fixture in many people’s diaries, no one will notice if you go a little off grid for the weekend.

Time is on your side:

if you’re aiming for summer skin perfection you’ve about five or six months to get that complexion glowing. For non-problematic skin just looking for extra radiance, we recommend two to three treatments per year to slough off those dead skin cells. For those with problems such as acne and scarring, a more intensive treatment route will be needed. Glutathione is the wonder ingredient that helps increase cellular turnover which can dramatically improve stubborn scarring. Depending on the severity, a series of three to four peels every month will be needed, so bear in mind that a six-month lead in period will offer plenty of time for a full treatment programme. What’s more, absolutely no preconditioning of the skin is required before treatment and application takes just 15 minutes. Yet the results are absolutely staggering and could mean you will be revelling in a summer free from heavy foundations and cakey concealers.

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