Do chemical peels slow down ageing?

Trained cosmetic practitioners use chemical peels as a procedure to improve skin texture, pores, acne, sun-damaged, pigmented, and wrinkled skin by peeling it with chemicals. As the old skin peels off, new skin appears that is much fresher looking. But chemical peeling will not stop the aging process or prevent it.

Chemical peels vary from acid to acid in depth and type of action

Superficial peels most commonly use a group of acid called Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA’s) formulations are used which offers light peeling action.

Beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s) are used to give a medium depth peeling action and phenol is used to give deep peel to the skin. You can visualize the process like this- the deeper your skin problem, the deeper peel may be used. So for surface aberrations, a mild peel and for deeper scars a deep peel. Your practitioner will decide that after looking at your skin and consulting with you about what results you desire, the time you want to give, and the care and discomfort you are ready to undergo. Deep peels are only available under surgical conditions and give more discomfort and downtime but produce great long term results. You will have to discuss these issues with your clinic.

Chemical peels are designed to remove old damaged skin giving rise to a fresh looking new skin. After that it is up to you to take better care of your skin to keep it younger for more time by protecting it from sun. The process itself does not affect the internal aging of the skin. If you expose your new skin to the sun again, you will get damaged as you got damaged before.

Skincare with chemical peeling and skin damages:

Using the correct ingredients in your skincare in essential after a chemical peel, the wrong ingredients may cause skin irritation.

Chemical peels will improve some wrinkles; sun damaged spots, and pigmentation. It also will remove the leathery appearance of the skin. Chemical peels will help improve some sun spots and facial scars. Certain types of chemical peeling is used to treat acne in some cases.

Can chemical peeling cause damage:

In rare cases, chemical peeling procedures can damage your skin causing infection and sometimes starring, if applied incorrectly or by not following the correct post procedure advice. You must talk to your practitioner about this. No procedure that changes the body in any way is free from risk.

This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with a professional about your exact requirements.

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