Your frequently asked questions about Retinol answered

What are the benefits of Retinol?

Considered THE gold-standard of skincare actives, what can’t it?! Retinol is your best friend if you want to reduce fine lines + wrinkles, increase production of collagen, encourage cellular turnover, reduce acne and acne scars, while fighting signs of ageing and evening skintone.

What does Retinol do to your skin?

Retinol is king of producing collagen within the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles to be less visible. It’s also a champion of boosting cellular turnover, providing exfoliation at the cell level. This results in brighter skin, and a reduction in pigmentation and scarring.

Can I use Retinol every day?

It’s important to build up use of retinol, to allow your skin to adjust to this powerful ingredient. It’s much better to build up use and concentration steadily, than go too much too soon and risk damaging the skin’s natural barrier.  Some skins are able to tolerate the use of retinol every day, whereas for many the maximum is 3 times a week. Exercise caution!